About Us

Sign of the Dove Gallery Logo
The Sign of the Dove is a little store with a long history. Originally called The Christmas Store, it was founded in 1972 by a small group of artists, including Clara Wainwright, the renowned quilter and community leader. It was a seasonal business, opening in mid-November and closing on Christmas Eve, housed in a different Cambridge storefront every year. Customers would drive up and down Mass. Avenue, looking for the familiar red and white logo.

No matter where it was located, it was always a cooperative, with a group of more than 50 artisans working together to create a joyful space to sell their work. In 2003 the co-op opened a smaller year-round store in the Porter Square Shopping Center. The members voted to change the name from The Christmas Store (often confused with The Christmas Tree Shops) to Sign of the Dove. The original store moved to the Mall at Chestnut Hill where it also became a year-round business.

Unfortunately, the Mall location is now closed. Please sign up for our email list so that we can let you know when we find a new location for the holiday store.