Linda Bryant


Soft-Sculpture Animals, Illustrated Greeting Cards & Photography

Threadbears, the soft-sculpture animals I create using soft fleece, sherpa and Ultrasuede, are a form of three-dimensional illustration. Each animal is carefully sewn, partly by machine, with hand-sewn detailing added later; the stuffing is new polyester. (Noses and beaks are made from Ultrasuede and are hand sewn in place.) Safety eyes are always used, so they are very secure. I dress most of the animals in hand-knit sweaters and color-coordinated pants that I make. Each animal, which can be 12 to 18 inches high, has its own unique personality. An assortment of animals is available: bears, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, frogs, turtles, raccoons, skunks, sheep, alligators and pigs. In addition, I make gnomes, angels, baked beans, espresso beans and stuffed chairs. Special requests are accepted. Past commissions include trophy figures, auto replicas, dolls used in educational programs, and display pieces for trade and shops.


Animals and people are the subjects of many of my illustrated cards, and the whimsical illustration style relates directly to my soft-sculpture work. My graphic-design and illustration background also relates to my photography in the way I define and compose a photograph. It is an extension of the way I see. Sometimes my photographic and illustration subjects are similar—houses, for example. I have drawn more than two dozen actual houses from Brookline; Providence, RI; Cape Cod; and Martha’s Vineyard; and these house drawings are on my greeting cards and calendars. I also photograph buildings, houses and architectural elements, playing with light and dark patterns, textures and interesting details.



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