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We welcome you as a potential member of Sign of the Dove.
Please keep in mind that a requirement for becoming a Dove member is that you work at the store 2-4 five-hour shifts per month.Name _________________________________________Date_____________________Business Name __________________________________________________________


 City _____________________ State________ ZIP Code _________________________

Phone ____________________E-mail Address_________________________________




 Please scan and e-mail this application form with the subject line “Sign of the Dove Jury” to  

Jan Hurd,

Please include a  Artist Statement ,  list All materials  and describe  the process used in making your art, prices, and  photos .
Call if you’d like to discuss.

Thank you ,


Background Information

How long have you been an artist?___________________________________________

 Where have you studied?__________________________________________________

 Where do you sell your work? ________________________________________________________________________

 Is there any other information you would like for us to know about your work?


Do you have any special skills, such as social media, financial, computer skills, and or graphic design?


 How did you hear about Sign of the Dove? ____________________________________________________________________________

Thanks you for your interest in Sign of the Dove Gallery Cooperative

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 Phone: 617-491-4646