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We welcome you as a potential member of Sign of the Dove.
Please keep in mind that a requirement for becoming a Dove member is that you work at the store 2-4 five-hour shifts per month.

Name _________________________________________Date_____________________

Business Name __________________________________________________________


 City _____________________ State________ ZIP Code _________________________

Phone ____________________E-mail Address_________________________________




 Please scan and e-mail this application form with the subject line “Sign of the Dove Jury” to  

 Attach photos of 3-5 pieces of your work  along with a description of your process and

 retail price for each time.

Background Information

How long have you been an artist?___________________________________________

 Where have you studied?__________________________________________________

 Where do you sell your work? ________________________________________________________________________

 Is there any other information you would like for us to know about your work?


 How did you hear about Sign of the Dove? ____________________________________________________________________________

Thanks you for your interest in Sign of the Dove Gallery Cooperative

36 White Street. Cambridge, MA 02140              

 Phone: 617-491-4646