Christine Edgeworth [1994, Chicago] is a jewelry maker by night and a farmer by day. She created Ramblejoy Jewelry Co. in the spring of 2020 to craft hand-cut textile jewelry. While struggling to find a name for her shop that described what her jewelry evoked, she landed on making up her own word: Ramblejoy!

Ramble (v.) – to walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route

Joy (n.) – the state or characteristic of being full of life, exuberance or energy

In short, ramblejoy is a trust in the exuberance of life. It honors the life-giving force behind our passions and adventures of the heart. It’s a faith in paths with many twists and turns and an appreciation for the little beauties along the way. 

When she sits down to make a batch of earrings and lays a piece of fabric on the table, she has no idea what the end result will be. In every inch of fabric new shapes and patterns emerge that take her creativity one way or another. Her hope is that we all continue to make time for rambling down unknown paths to find joy in life.

Christine’s designs evoke the colorful exuberance of life, weave together different stories and artisans, and inspire an appreciation for beauty in the little things. Her jewelry is lightweight, durable, bright, colorful, unique, and crafted in small batches. 15% of her sales are redirected towards entrepreneurs in Guinea, West Africa striving to self-actualize employment and food security