Donna Karl

I make stained glass and have been doing so since 1997. I am not sure what has drawn me to this craft. It wasn’t my childhood in rural Illinois. It wasn’t college where I became a nurse. And it wasn’t the 25 years I worked as a nurse practitioner at Boston Children’s Hospital caring for newborns and their families.

It was most likely my love of art as a bold or sometimes muted representation of color and light. This is the magic of stained glass. These two elements synergies each other. At times one takes the lead, at times it’s the other. They never compete. But their combined beauty and spark can free emotion from the furthest reaches of human spirit.

I began with lead came because my first teacher at Cambridge Center for Adult Education made and repaired church windows. For years I worked in lead, making a panel here and there on weekends as we raised our children and I worked at the hospital. However, more recently I have diversified into copper foil technique. It is more versatile and less weighty than lead came which, in my view, is most beautiful as Victorian panels. My stained glass is light and contemporary. The current series of vegetables and fruits, flowers, and fish, I share on my Instagram tag: cambridgeglassroots

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