Helen McMullen

Glass Jewelry, Children’s Clothing, Soaps & Skin Care Products


to combat the COVID-19, Helen is offering hand sanitizing spray and masks in her Etsy store. “I know hand sanitizer is hard to find right now” she says. They contain 75% denatured alcohol and 8 antiviral botanical ingredients and they are available at her Sea Road Artisans website on Etsy: www.threesisterssoapco.com

Helen McMullen concocts soaps and body-care products that are carefully formulated using skin-conditioning ingredients including glycerin and superfatting oils like olive oil and cocoa butter to soften the skin and prevent drying.  She thinks that people are concerned about the overuse of chemicals and says “this is another reason to use natural products on your skin.” Handmade in small batches, the long-lasting soaps include essential oils taken directly from flowers, fruits, and plants to create clean and wonderfully aromatic scents.

In addition, McMullen designs glass jewelry in her exuberant personal style using many old and rare beads. Her current focus is on using handmade glass flower beads.  “I love color, and I create big flower gardens every summer, playing with color,” she says. “Living on the Maine coast, I get to see many kinds of light.  I think that my appreciation of light and color informs my creativity in designing glass jewelry because glass is all about the interplay of light.” Her Web site is www.threesisterssoapco.com.  

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