Judy Kanigel

Pottery & Mosaic

Inspired by Italian ceramics, Judy Kanigel forms bowls, plates and pots on the potter’s wheel and by hand building and then decorates them with images from nature. She often uses a technique known as sgraffito: When a piece has partially dried, she gives it three coats of underglaze and carves the piece so the white clay shows through. When the clay hardens further, she colors the incised design with underglaze, after which the piece goes through more firing and glazing.


“Another technique that I find interesting is stamping texture into the clay before it’s fired,” Kanigel explains. “After they’re glazed and fired, the pieces retain their design and color through microwaving, dishwashing, and even baking.” Her work, while highly decorative, is also completely functional.


Kanigel enjoys trying new things and recently added glass mosaic mirrors and figurative clocks, all with a touch of whimsy, to her repertoire. A former school principal who lives in Cambridge, she also encourages creativity in others, teaching ceramics to children and adults.

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