Kingsley Weihe


Kingsley is a potter working in Brookline, Massachusetts, who has been making and selling her work since 1993.  Formerly an architect, she initially became involved in pottery as a hobby but soon found it to be a more rewarding and satisfying medium.

“My background in architecture is definitely the strongest influence on my work in clay,” she explains. “Both satisfy and illustrate my simultaneous interests in science and art, but only clay allows me the intimate relationship with both the process and the product.  Many of my designs are inspired by primitive decorative motifs, particularly African.  I delight in the slight inexactness of handwork.  I do not lay out my designs beforehand and often end up with too much or not enough space when I come full circle, but it is just this deviation that excites me.  The marks reflect the tools and the hands that made them.  No two designs are ever alike; rather, each one builds on the ones that came before. Recently I have been looking at textiles for my inspiration: fabrics, rugs and wallpapers that have led me to more curvilinear shapes and patterns.”

Kingsley makes all her work at Feet of Clay Pottery in Brookline Village where she has been a member since 1991.  Her work is currently available at Sign of the Dove gallery in Porter Square, Cambridge; Jamaica Plain Open Studios; as well as from her studio by appointment or at the biannual sales at Feet of Clay.

All of her work is high-fired stoneware and is fully functional.  All pieces are food-, dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe.

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