April Artists of The Month


This month Sign of the Dove Gallery is featuring three artists:

Cara Washburn

Jan Willett,

Lora Kudisch

During this month you can take advantage of 10% sale on purchase of works by our AOM. Please plan to visit us and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Cara Washburn is a Somerville artist and a lifelong maker whose work blends the old with the new. She says, “I’ve always seen my work as a kind of visual poetry that has as its underlying themes a tender appreciation for the small things in life and a deep sense of caring and hope.” Her newest creations are Maine Pixies. These little beings are inspired by her childhood in Maine where she spent summers finding magic in the Maine woods and where she now regularly finds enchantment at a small perch on a mid-coast peninsula. The pixies are made of spun cotton using simple materials (wire, cotton, vintage crepe paper) and are accessorized with things one might find on the forest floor (feathers, moss, windfall branches) or at the back of a long-forgotten drawer in an old Maine cottage (vintage flowers, ribbons, mercury glass). “I love making things that transmit a moment of magic,” she says. “These little guys touch my heart, and it gives me such a happy, warm feeling to see the pixies bringing smiles to other people’s faces.”

Cara also makes greeting cards, hand-dyed totes and aprons, hearts made from recycled wool blankets and sweaters, and vintage photo magnets.

Cara Washburn, PixieCara Washburn, Apron

Lora Kudisch enjoys working with fused and etched glass. Her simple designs of fun fruits, trees, and houses are richly colored and functional. She offers several sizes of glass plates and vessels. Lora also makes wine bottle stoppers, sun catchers, ornaments, and platters as well as other pieces that are functional as well as decorative. Whether the glass is on a tabletop or displayed in a window, every piece is beautiful.

Lora Kudisch Etched Glass Lora Kudisch Glass Bowl Lora Kudisch fused glass Serving Dish

As a sculptor, Jan Willett is fascinated by the imaginary line between art object and plaything. Each of her animals is lovingly created as both a soft-sculpture animal and as a toy, equally at home in a   curio cabinet and in a child’s arms. Her approach to the sock monkey, an icon of the inventive American spirit, is to re-create it for a new generation, as living folk art and an invitation to play. Jan’s sock monkeys are handmade in the U.S., using American materials and featuring recycled cotton fiber. They are machine-washable and crib-safe. Visit her Web site for stories, pictures, and more information.


Jan Willet, Soft Sculpture, MonkeysJan Willett Pagan Neo, Soft Sculpture

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