March News


Artists of the Month


Yvette Kaplan

Jewelry maker Yvette Kaplan was a longtime member of Sign of the Dove. She worked with silver, vermeil, pearls. beads, and other materials, using a variety of techniques. The varying textures of her gold-colored earrings play with light in fascinating ways, and her pearl jewelry is especially graceful. Her jewelry remains very popular, engaging visitors. Yvette’s spirit lives on through her art.


Donna Karl

A new member of Sign of the Dove, Donna has been working with stained glass since 1997, inspired by the color and light in the medium. “At times one takes the lead,” she explains, “at times it’s the other. They never compete. But their combined beauty and spark can free emotion from the furthest reaches of the human spirit.” Working in copper-foil technique, she crafts images of vegetables and fruits, flowers, and fish in a contemporary style. A panel of blood-red beets is balanced by the green beet leaves; its size is perfect to hang in a window. Specific types of fish are depicted in longer panels. A bunch of asparagus makes us think of spring. Images can be seen on Instagram at cambridgeglassroots.



Ann Szerlip

Glass artist Ann Szerlip uses lampwork and fusing to make glass coasters, curved glass dishes, and utensils with glass bead handles. Lampwork, or flamework, involves using a small gas torch to make glass beads by melting sticks of glass to combine different colors into a bead shape. She adds the beads to the handles of utensils such as serving spoons, cheese knives, and cheese slicers. In fusing, Ann makes layers of glass, incorporating different colors, and melts them together in a glass kiln. All her pieces are wonderfully functional, adding color and individuality to your table.

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