June Featured Artists

Our June Artists of the Month offer a rich variety of creative visions.

Lyn Brown uses vintage elements such as watches and various beads to create unique jewelry that evokes a sense of times past. Her creativity is driven by a need to create order and control, combining vintage watch parts with glass elements.




Helen McMullen is fascinated by color and translucency. She works with glass beads both to make colorful jewelry as well as incorporating them into stainless steel utensils, She also makes colorful soaps and children’s clothing. She formulates soaps and body-care products using natural ingredients. Her work express her exuberant personal style.


Sholeh Regna also makes jewelry in both porcelain and birch wood. Her exquisite porcelain jewelry is adorned with 22-K gold and white gold. She creates marbled birch earrings that are marbled on both front and back by painting on water, an ancient technique called Ebru. These earrings are reversible. Sholeh also offers her ceramic bird sculptures which are a great addition to any home. You can see more of her work, including sculpture, paintings by visiting her website.



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